About Avatars of War

After working for nearly 10 years for several companies in the industry (Games Workshop and Privateer Press among others) I decided to start a personal project to create my own line of fantasy miniatures. To this end I created Avatars of War. 

Avatars of War has had a big and continued support from gamers & collectors around the world since its first day of life, allowing me to team up with the best freelance artists and sculptors in the industry to develop new and exciting projects: our own range of plastic and metal fantasy miniatures, and tabletop games to play with our models.

Arena Deathmatch is our gladiatorial combat miniatures game, set in the World of Saga, a fictional fantasy setting which provides a background to our miniatures, games and imagery.

We are as well official supporters and create compatible miniatures for the fantasy wargame, The Ninth Age.


Contact AoW
If you would like to submit any questions or suggestions, you can send us an email at info@avatars-of-war.com.

 I send a very big thank you to every gamer & collector who has shown an interest in the stuff we create at Avatars of War. We never forget that without your support Avatars of War would not exist!

Felix Paniagua