- Plastic -

Injection moulded hard PVC plastic miniatures.

Plastic miniatures are cast by injecting molten plastic with tons of pressure inside a metal mold. Being a highly mechanized process, production is very consistent and fast, ideal for producing large quantities of parts, as in multi-component Warthrone regiments. 



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- WarCast -

WarCast is AoW's range of vacuum cast resin miniatures.

WarCast miniatures detail definition and depth is unmatched by any other medium (plastic or metal). However, these models may sometimes present the occasional bubble (almost always located in areas without detail that will be hidden once the figure is assembled).

WarCast production is quite artisanal  and slow, making it ideal for limited edition, low distribution or online only products 


- Product compatibility code -

Most products for the same army are fully compatible. You can know which regiments are compatible through this code.

Those regiments with the same code are 100% compatible: you can directly  mix the pieces of these regiments, without any need for converting or modifying.


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