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To buy a product you can quickly add it to your shopping cart  by clicking on the purchase button . The product is automatically added to your shopping cart. If you hold the mouse for a second on this icon, you will see the price of the product. If you'd like to see the details of the product, click on the product image.

Shopping cart
The top right frame (shopping cart) shows at all times the number of products inside the cart and the total amount of your order (excluding shipping). If you want to access a detailed view of your cart, click on the button "Show cart".

Submitting your order
Once you've added to the cart all the products you want, click on "Show cart" and confirm your order. On the next screen enter your details and select your delivery area. Finally click on the button "Submit Order".
We will review your order (confirm that all items are in stock). You will then receive a confirmation email (normally on the same working day) with the details of your order together with the instructions to pay for your order (depending on the selected payment method: PayPal, credit or debit card, bank transfer).

Order history
If you are a registered user you can view your order history.


You can pre-order our future releases to ensure that your order will be sent promptly after the release date of the product. Pre-ordering has several advantages:

  • For new releases, sometimes our production capacity for a product may be less than the received demand. In these cases, orders will be dispatched in the following order:
    1st  - Pre-orders for the product, by payment date.
    2nd - Normal orders, by payment date.
  • Enjoy special pre-order deals, like reduced prices and exclusive miniatures or pieces for regiment boxes.

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