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June new releases

This month it's about magic!

Check out the new Beastman Shaman and Vermin Plague Prophet.

We are very happy to announce that Spain has won European Team Championship 2018!!!
The 9th Age
Spain wins the ETC!!!
14 Aug
Daemon legions will be the next army with its own full army book!
Next T9A full rulebook announced
4 Jun
The 9th Age 2nd. Edition rulebook has just been updated. Follow the link to read all the details.
The 9th Age 2nd ed. rulebook update
10 May
The Warriors of the Dark Gods and Orcs & Goblins slim army books have been updated to v203.1
T9A army book updates: WDG, O&G
27 Mar
Undying Dynasties & Sylvan Elves full army books available for The 9th Age 2nd ed.
Two more full army books for T9A 2nd. ed!
26 Feb
The Warriors of the Dark Gods full army book is now available for download!
WDG 2nd.ed full army book
9 Jan