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Avatarium coins

Avatarium coins are a way of thanking you for buying your miniatures on the Avatars of War online shop. When buying heroes, regiments and rulebooks you will collect Avatarium coins that you can then use to gain access to exclusive products or even to pay (up to 10%) your future purchases!

How do I get Avatarium coins?

-When you buy heroes, regiments or rulebooks on the AoW online shop, you collect Avatarium coins. You will normally get one Avatarium Coin for each hero miniature, two coins for each large miniature (Ogres, Minotaurs, ...) and three coins for each regiment box.
If you are not a registered customer, don’t worry, your Avatarium coins are still there, but as you don’t have an account you can’t see them; just register on our website and you will discover how many Avatarium coins you have and you'll be able to redeem them.

-We also giveaway Avatarium coins through contests and special promotions on Facebook, events, leagues and tournaments prizes ...


There are multiple and varied ways to collect Avatarium coins!


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Avatarium coins