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Dwarf King Statue

A new Ready2Print scenery piece is ready for download and 3D printing!

An updated version of T9A gold rulebook Errata has been released.
The 9th Age
Updated Errata
9 Apr
New auxiliary units for Warrior of the Dark Gods!
Follow the link to download.
The Makhar. WoTG auxiliary army book
28 Mar
Issue 14 of the official 9th Age ezine is available. Follow the link to download.
The 9th Scroll issue 14 released
4 Mar
The first errata summary for The 9th Age 2nd ed. rulebook has just been published.
The 9th Age
Errata publication
11 Feb
A new terrain supplement, with special rules for terrain interaction and weather.
The 9th Age
Lands of the 9th Age
28 Jan
The Daemon Legions legendary army book is now available for download!
New T9A army book
Daemon Legions
22 Jan