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The supporters
The spectacles in the arenas of Saga attract a great number of followers from Cirlea, The Ward and other places of the Darklands.
Some Avatars are admired and desired by the crowd (and feared by most fighters), rising to become real celebrities if they can survive long enough.

The crowd has a great influence on the development of a game of Arena Deathmatch. Will cheer, boo, or even stone the fighters depending on the actions they carry out in the arena, affecting crucially their performance and vice versa.

Fans that follow the spectacle are, for the most part, fanatical supporters unable to control their emotions, willing to jump into the arena in a raid of madness that usually ends with their brains scattered on the sand.

At the end of a game, the crowd that follows the spectacle from the stands will dictate the winner of the contest (usually the player whose band has performed the most spectacular and bloody actions in the arena).
Pleasing the crowd is the most important factor in Arena Deathmatch. To this end, your fighters should perform spectacular actions and attacks, and excite their fans with a genunie bloodbath.


In order to record the mood of the fans, and generate their actions you'll need the crowd mood & crowd events table

When a crazed fan jumps into the arena, you'll need the record card to control his actions:
Common supporter record card

Dwarf supporter record card
Goblin supporter record card
Orc supporter record card
Ogre supporter record card
































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