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Ogre Khan with great weapon

Ogres are fearsome and brutish, very muscular and powerful creatures, standing easily over nine feet tall and almost that wide!.

360º video of the new Barbarian Shaman kit sculpt (using the Savage Shaman bits).
Barbarian Shaman kit WiP
16 Jun

I just uploaded the 360 view for the Ogre Mammoth Hunter with great weapon.
New 360 view: Ogre Mammoth Hunter
16 Mar
Fantastic step by step painting of the Warriors of Pestilence with great weapons.
Check it out!
Hobby: Step by step painting video
23 Feb
New 360º preview of this miniature.
Sunna / Highborn Elf Commander
19 Jan
A selection of AoW artwork is now available as 18''x24'' posters.
AoW artwork posters available!
8 Nov
The time of no hard plastic multi-part fantasy flying critters has come to an end!
Hard plastic flying critters!
20 Sept