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Ogre Khan with great weapon

Ogres are fearsome and brutish, very muscular and powerful creatures, standing easily over nine feet tall and almost that wide!.

I have posted new work in progress pics. Feedback is welcome! ;)
Dwarven female
Hero / Berserker
17 Jan
New 360º previews of this miniature.
Sunna / Highborn Elf Commander
22 Dec

I have uploaded the 360º view for the Ogre Khan miniature.
Check it out!
New 360º view
Ogre Khan
13 Dec
A selection of AoW artwork is now available as 18''x24'' posters.
AoW artwork posters available!
8 Nov
The time of no hard plastic multi-part fantasy flying critters has come to an end!
Hard plastic flying critters!
20 Sept

I am very pleased to announce AoW support to The 9Th Age project!
Avatars of War & The 9th Age
16 June