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Wasteland Warriors of Wrath with great weapons

The Dark Gods command a horde made up of a myriad of warriors and creatures created in their image and likeness. The Wastelands Warriors of Wrath are their shock troops.

You can now download the PDF of the Dwarf King's Guard instructions leaflet.
Tips for assembly: King's Guard
21 June
Harpies, Furies or Gargoyles anyone?
Of Harpies, Furies & Gargoyles
18 June
We are very pleased to announce our support to The 9Th Age™ project! Click below for details.
Avatars of War & The 9th Age™
16 June
Today we preview some painted Wasteland Warriors of Wrath.
Painted Wasteland Warriors of Wrath
7 June
First previews of the upcoming Wasteland Warriors of Wrath.
Wasteland Warriors of Wrath preview
3 June
Send us your ideas and suggestions for this upcoming plastic box set.
Adventurers set
6 May