Avatars of War

New releases for March

Two new releases this month: a Vampire Count with
several assembly options
and a lovely pet
for your Ogre Khan!

Undying Dynasties & Sylvan Elves full army books available for The 9th Age 2nd ed.
Two more full army books for T9A 2nd. ed!
26 Feb
The Warriors of the Dark Gods full army book is now available for download!
WDG 2nd.ed full army book
9 Jan
Beta army books for all factions available for 9th Age
2nd. edition!
The 9th Age 2nd ed. beta army books
27 Dec
The Ninth Age 2nd edition beta rulebook has been released today!
The 9th Age 2nd ed. beta rulebook
17 Dec
We just received the 'official' painted Sunna of The 9th Age. This miniature will be available very soon!
Painted Sunna de Sonnstahl
3 Sep
360ยบ view of this sculpt showing lance, halberd and banner assembly options.
Highborn Elf Princess kit
29 Jun