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Wasteland Warriors of Wrath with great weapons

The Dark Gods command a horde made up of a myriad of warriors and creatures created in their image and likeness. The Wastelands Warriors of Wrath are their shock troops.

We now have The 9th Age™ posters & flyers for stores, organized events and tournaments.
The 9th Age™ promotional material
Sculpting of the first character miniature for The 9th Age™ has started. Follow its progress here.
Sunna (Empire of Sonnstahl)
19 July
You can now download the PDF of the Dwarf King's Guard instructions leaflet.
Tips for assembly: King's Guard
21 June
Harpies, Furies or Gargoyles anyone?
Of Harpies, Furies & Gargoyles
18 June
We are very pleased to announce our support to The 9Th Age project! Click below for details.
Avatars of War & The 9th Age™
16 June
Today we preview some painted Wasteland Warriors of Wrath.
Painted Wasteland Warriors of Wrath
7 June